Current volume 3 spoilers

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  • 11/11 – I’m hearing from multiple very reliable sources that when (and if) Heroes kicks off the second half of its season, it’ll look very different from what was initially planned. Let’s just say the complaints from fans and critics about the overabundance of new characters and weak overarching story have not fallen on deaf ears, and that changes are being made to return the show to its winning Season 1 formula.
  • 11/11 – Though Israeli freedom fighter Hana died in outer space in a Heroes graphic novel, her consciousness survives. “We will see her again on the show at some point,” promises Jeph Loeb.
  • 10/14 – Since part of the action will now follow Micah to New Orleans, the show is introducing a pair of Crescent Citizens to interact with him and his cousin. First up is Officer Warren, a twentysomething good guy who sounds like a likely love interest for new Hero Monica. They do, after all, have the same hobby: crime fighting. On the flip side of the coin is Knox, a twentysomething bad guy recently sprung from the pokey.
  • 10/29 – James Kyson Lee reveals: You might see [a woman from Japan] coming into Ando’s life pretty soon. It’s the second half of the season that gets really interesting for Ando. [Note: He wouldn’t confirm that said love interest would be Hiro’s sister.]
  • 10/14 – Officer Warren – 25. Male. African-America. Handsome leading man. A police officer from New Orleans, Officer Warren works very hard to clean up the streets of the city he loves. [This is a recurring character who will appear in at least episodes 13, 14 and 16.] Knox – 25. Male. African-America. Frightening and intense – with the eyes of a predator — Knox has returned to New Orleans with plans to reclaim the criminal territory he used to run before he was sent to prison. [This is a recurring character who will appear in at least episodes 13 and 14.]
  • 10/06 – Our source just informed me that “Badass” Future Hiro will make another appearance sooner than we expect and will also be seen in another “future” episode of Heroes. As I reported about a week ago in the episode breakdown that Episode 13 is scheduled to be the future episode, but our source mentioned that this might change and the future will air sooner than expected.
  • 10/06 – TV Squad offers a summary of spoilers: Down the road, fans will learn what are Mr. Nakamura’s powers (and yes, “are” is a key word here).
  • 09/03 – Ricky Gervais has revealed he will appear in the second [season] of Heroes. [Note: No official sources confirmed these spoilers so far.]
  • 08/03 – The latest actor to join the show for its second season is [The Nine‘s] Jessica Collins, who will take on a recurring role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Collins will play Sophie, “a mysterious woman with powers who works at the organization that is tracking all heroes.”
  • 07/30 – Look for a dangerous new Francophone character named Sophie. She’s the employee of a powerful, mysterious group, and she’s “not afraid to use lethal force to accomplish her mission.

Source: SpoilerFix


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