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More spoilers

Posted in spoilers on January 20, 2008 by Citizen

More about how Volume 3 will shape up may have been revealed.

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  • Down the road, fans will learn what Mr. Nakamura’s powers are.
  • Season one characters such as Claude will return.
  • The Volume 3 “disaster” will focus on something other than The Company this time.
  • There will be another future episode which will feature quite a few future characters.
  • Angela will reveal quite a few secrets in the latter half of the volume.
  • Monica will take centre stage as a story arc about her being St Joan unfolds.

Jamie Hector as Knox

Posted in cast, interviews on January 7, 2008 by Citizen

hector-vol-3.gifJamie Hector, who can be seen in the sneak peeks, has been cast as Benjamin Knox Washington in Volume 3.

Here’s what he has had to say about Heroes:

” My character’s name on Heroes is Benjamin Knox Washington. I can’t really disclose much about him, but I can tell you it’s a lot of fun. So many special effects — and it all winds up looking so real. The set is different — it’s warmer outside, obviously — and in Baltimore, since most of us are not from Baltimore, we all hang out and go to dinner after shooting. We’re like a family.”

“How has the writer’s strike affected your career?
Well, actually I shot a couple episodes of “Heroes” that unfortunately have not been seen yet as a result of the strike.

Tell me more about your role on “Heroes.”
My character’s name is Benjamin “Knox” Washington. I can’t say too much about it though.”