More spoilers

More about how Volume 3 will shape up may have been revealed.

(Highlight to read)

  • Down the road, fans will learn what Mr. Nakamura’s powers are.
  • Season one characters such as Claude will return.
  • The Volume 3 “disaster” will focus on something other than The Company this time.
  • There will be another future episode which will feature quite a few future characters.
  • Angela will reveal quite a few secrets in the latter half of the volume.
  • Monica will take centre stage as a story arc about her being St Joan unfolds.

3 Responses to “More spoilers”

  1. I sure hope Claude returns! I adore him!

    It will also be nice to see Monica get to be St. Joan.

  2. Rosanne O'Reilly Says:

    I like Adam Monroe to learn to change his ways at the end. It does get a bit old when you aways play the villian. Villans get sick and hurt and can die. They need time off to recover from their injuries.

    Even the fast healing people take time to heal. Cousins need to learn just exactly how they are connected.

    I believe in saving the cheerleader and her entire family. That is why I expand my human family, accept my human and animal family and try to find all the descendants.

    I never realized how real some shows are. I still have to find some of my family in the Czech Republic to see if there are any Bohemian descendants left.

    I don’t want pretenders and they didn’t know we don’t want them.

    However, I like to feel my whole family tree is safe even those same sex couples who are just as much family as everyone else.

    Thank you.

    I need to eat lunch, go to Radio Shack and then get my gardenning done today or tomorrow. If I can not get to the court clerks I will let you know.

  3. Rosanne O'Reilly Says:

    If Adam Monroe is my cousin, I would have to accept him no matter what his fawls are. I would be very careful not to be alone with him. I feel more like Peter the sensitive one will have to talk to Hiro and get Hiro to bring Adam back.
    If Adam were my cousin, I would be very careful to keep plenty of family around, no matter whether they trust him or not. I think I would keep Surresh close to me and make sure I was well protected. I would also love Syler to show his true colors, and let people know he isn’t a serial killer. He was trying to save everyone like Peter would, but he just didn’t have the talent.

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