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12 new characters

Posted in cast, interviews, spoilers on March 25, 2008 by Citizen

When we last saw him on NBC’s “Heroes,” evil samurai Kensei — also known as Adam — was buried alive thanks to the time-traveling hero wannabe Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka). In Season 3 though, David Anders will definitely be back.

“I believe so, yeah. I hope so. I know I’m going to be in one of the first six so … .” Anders told SyFy Portal’s Alan Stanley Blair at this weekend’s Eclipse event in the United Kingdom. “But after that, it’s called ‘Villains,’ and I am an uber-villain.”

In the third volume of the series, the villains of the show will get a chance to show just how bad they can be. Among them are Adam, Angela Petrelli (Christine Rose), 12 new characters still to be revealed and also someone that Anders feels he would struggle to live up to: the infamous power-snatching Sylar (Zachary Quinto).



Pasdar is returning (BEWARE: some plot spoilers)

Posted in cast, spoilers on March 17, 2008 by Citizen

When we last saw Nathan Petrelli, he was bleeding to death on the floor after nearly revealing his superpowers to the world. It was the second season finale in a row that left Nathan on the verge of death, but if his exploding brother couldn’t wipe him out, would a few bullets really do the trick? Heroes fans have been left to ponder his fate since the show wrapped up last year.

While attending the popular comic book (MegaCon) convention, Pasdar let it slip that he will be returning for the third season of the series. He also hinted that the dynamic between the Petrelli family will be front and center next year. It seems like Nathan and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) will be working together in an attempt to rescue their mother from the dark side. After a disappointing second season that often kept the brothers apart, it’ll be refreshing to see them working together for the greater good once again.

The actor also talked about what really may have happened when those shots rang out in the second season finale. He mentioned that “the clues were all there for what really happened,” and hinted that Nathan may have been wearing a bulletproof vest. He also teased that the character may have either known the attack was coming, or possibly planned it himself.

Pasdar also mentioned that he’ll share plenty of scenes with Claire (Hayden Panettiere) in season 3, and that his role as her father will be more important than ever.

Eriko Tamura divulges possible spoilers

Posted in cast, interviews, spoilers on March 11, 2008 by Citizen

eriko_tamura.jpg  Japanese actress Eriko Tamura, who played the 16th-century love interest of Hiro (Masi Oka) on NBC’s Heroes last season, offered SCI FI Wire a few spoilers about what’s next for her character as the show readies itself for a third season.

Tamura said that her character, Taeko, was supposed to be transported to the present in episodes that were scripted but not finished before the writers’ strike commenced last fall. “I am going to be in the present, yes,” Tamura said in an interview.

“I actually had a few episodes of the script then,” Tamura said, adding: “Suddenly, the strike happened, so we had to stop the shooting.”

Tamura added that she expects to return to the show for the upcoming third season, which begins production in May.

“We are not to that point where they think about the storylines yet … because of the strike,” Tamura said.

Taeko appeared last season in episodes in which Hiro, transported to medieval Japan, falls in love with her as he pursues a mission to save Japan. Heroes returns in the fall.

Source: SciFi

Kristen Bell on her role in V3

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Kristen Bell might not only have more antiheroic days ahead of her (as reported last week in Ask Ausiello), but there might also be a bit of a turnaround for her Elle-raiser. While she notes that “nobody really knows anything at this point” as to the NBC series’ game plan for Season 3, she says, “I’ve had an unbelievable experience thus far and they seem to like me and want to keep me onboard, so we’re going to keep that ball rolling for as long as we can. I think we fell in love. Just try and separate us!”

Bell is busy for the next 12 weeks on a shoot that will take her to Rome and New York City, but when she comes back “is when [Heroes] will be getting things together to start shooting. So I’ll be free.”

Though Heroes’ focus when it returns will be on big baddies, Bell’s Elle could surprise fans. “She is so evil and so broken, yet she actually redeems herself over the next couple of episodes,” the actress teases

Source: TV Guide

Ausiello answers some questions

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Question: I’m dying for some juicy Heroes scoop! — Stacie

Ausiello: Well, this is about as juicy as it comes: Kristen Bell is not — I repeat, not — signed on for next season. But (and this is a big “but,” so listen up) sources confirm that Heroes is in active discussions with her to return for an arc during Season 3. And considering how much everyone at the show worships her — and she them — I have every reason to believe that this will happen.

Question: I have a Heroes question: Are they going back to work on new episodes in the spring, even if they will not air until the fall? Is that how NBC is able to order more than 22 for next season? — Pat

Ausiello: Nothing gets by you, Pat. Yes, Heroes is tentatively slated to start production on Season 3 on May 1 — more than two months ahead of schedule. As a result, the show could have as many as 10-13 episodes already in the can by the time it returns in September.

Question: I’m so sad to hear that Heroes isn’t returning until the fall. Do you have any idea what we can expect for next season? — Holly

Ausiello: Let’s just say that over the next few months the show’s casting offices will be filled with actors who are very good at being very bad.

Source: TV Guide

So this means that the footage we saw with Elle in it might not even make it on screen…