Kristen Bell on her role in V3

Kristen Bell might not only have more antiheroic days ahead of her (as reported last week in Ask Ausiello), but there might also be a bit of a turnaround for her Elle-raiser. While she notes that “nobody really knows anything at this point” as to the NBC series’ game plan for Season 3, she says, “I’ve had an unbelievable experience thus far and they seem to like me and want to keep me onboard, so we’re going to keep that ball rolling for as long as we can. I think we fell in love. Just try and separate us!”

Bell is busy for the next 12 weeks on a shoot that will take her to Rome and New York City, but when she comes back “is when [Heroes] will be getting things together to start shooting. So I’ll be free.”

Though Heroes’ focus when it returns will be on big baddies, Bell’s Elle could surprise fans. “She is so evil and so broken, yet she actually redeems herself over the next couple of episodes,” the actress teases

Source: TV Guide


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