Jack Coleman speaks

Villains has started filming yesterday and Jack Coleman had some words to say:

Season 3: Heroes Turn Bad as a Villain Turns Good?

The best way to prep for a first day back at work? For Heroes’ Jack Coleman, spa treatments at the grand opening of Spa Luce at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. Though the show earlier this week resumed shooting Thursday, Friday is Coleman’s first day back. As such, pampering was in order for him, along with his wife, Beth, and daughter, Tess. TV Guide took the opportunity to get a peek at what’s coming up on the long-missing NBC series.

What’s in the cards for Noah Bennett this season? “I’m currently incarcerated and at the bottom of Level Five in the company facility,” Coleman told TV Guide. “I think there may be an escape in the offing, but at a cost.” Surprisingly, Noah might not be considered one of the villains at the forefront of the upcoming season. “I think I’m probably more likely to be hunting them,” he says. “But on our show there are always uneasy and unexpected alliances.”

As for other characters, Coleman says viewers will be seeing more of Hiro. “He’s firmly planted in Yamagato Industries now,” says Coleman. “I think Hiro’s more the guy who starts out wealthy and comfortable and is very unhappy taking over his father’s business and needs the quest. That’s his destiny.”

Fans can expect to see Hayden Panettiere, aka Noah’s daughter Claire, to be more assertive. “She’s trying to use what she has for a greater good rather than just blend in and be anonymous,” Coleman says of his take on the teen’s journey.

Another character Coleman recommends keeping an eye on — Mohinder. The actor teases, “He’s not as mild-mannered as he once was.” — Bekah Wright


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