Batch of spoilers

  • IMDb confirms the cast list for some Season 3 episodes.
  • N’Tare Mwine has joined the cast as an Aboriginal story teller named Usutu. Usutu will appear in episodes 3 and 4. This will not be the first time he has worked with Heroes. N’Tare Mwine was originally to play the terrist Joseph Al Amir in the unaired pilot.
  • Francis Capra has joined the cast as Jesse and his villainous character will cross paths with our beloved Peter Petrelli.
  • Kristin at E! Online points to the idea that Claire will shoot Peter within the first three minutes of Season Three.
  • Heroes Television has released some new spoilers about Season 3.
    • Nathan will return in episode 1 of Season 3.
    • People who seem to be good could change their minds. Some of them will go to the “dark” side.
    • The first few scripts (episodes?) are “incredible”, villains are going to be more “dynamic”.
    • Season 3 will progress intrigues and answer questions quicker than Season 2.
    • Hiro inherited his father’s company and is not happy about this.
    • Anyone can be a Villain, in each of us there is a Villain and a hero, it all depends on the party which manifests itself first. So you never know, but it would take something significant for Hiro to turn bad.
    • Niki will bring together soome characters that we would not expect.
    • Adam and Niki (love interest?). Could Niki be his next bride?

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