Kristin spoilers (6/30)

— Kristin of E! Online interviews Greg Grunberg, Dania Ramirez and new Heroes bad girl Brea Grant. Kristin asks for hints about their characters. Dania says that Maya will take off her crucifix and be on a different note this season, and Greg says that for his character, the tortoise always wins.
John says:
— Kristin of E! Online says about Ali Larter: Ali is definitely still a part of Heroes. Niki Sanders, not so much, but Ali will stick around and conjure up a whole new personality we haven’t yet seen before for season three: Tracy Strauss. (Something tells me she’ll be hot, blond and look like that chick who once wore a whipped-cream bikini for Dawson Leery.) Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure I’m hitting the set tomorrow to interview a few of the castmembers, so if you have Q’s for the Heroes cast, I know a secret place you can hide them: (I’m not sure who’ll be there, but I know Zach and Milo will be.) Also, Matt Parkman is going to end up in the desert with a horse with no name… and a tortoise. Believe it or not, I’m serious about the desert and the tortoise part. Matt’s storyline is about to get über-trippy!


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