Behind the Eclipse Summer Spectacular, Part 1

Aron and Joe reveal several spoilers in CBR’s Behind the Eclipse:

  • Season Three will pick “up right from the moment Nathan is shot. Well, actually…a few moments before. Well, technically, four years in the future. But that’s only until… Suffice it to say, you will learn who shot Nathan Petrelli from the proverbial get go”.
  • Isaac’s “sketchbook will indeed [re-]appear (pay attention around episodes 9, 10 and 11 this season) – and we will also meet a new artist, soon enough. Whose style is somewhat familiar. And who has a very familiar subject.”
  • Arthur Petrelli will appear in a flashback by Episode #8 of Season Three.
  • Aron and Joe also discuss the evolution of Peter’s character: “We all know that “With great power comes great responsibility.” “But we also know that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” So basically Peter will find himself torn between these two platitudes. It’s Lord Acton vs Stan Lee in a battle for the ages. So stay tuned.”
  • And regarding Meredith Gordon‘s return, Aron and Joe write: “You want Meredith Gordon back? Really? What would we do with her? Bring her back so Claire can bond with her biological mom about having powers while she pushes her own mother aside – because of their biological difference? Where’s the drama there? (and in case you don’t get sarcasm, stay tuned)”
  • And Peter absolutely does get his power from here.

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