Highlights of a new promo

Digital Spy reveals some of the highlights from a promo released at BBC Two’s Autumn launch:

  • Nathan Petrelli is apparently dead. We see him rushed to a hospital, where resuscitation attempts fail. “There was nothing we could do,” a doctor tells the family.
  • Looks like Elle is going to be spending a bit of time sparring with Sylar this season.
  • Angela Petrelli introduces us to “Level 5”, a housing place for the most dangerous criminals in the world— rapists, arsonists, killers. Presumably this is where the band of Villains escape from.
  • Matt Parkman is alone in the middle of a desert screaming for help.
  • New Villain “The Speedster” steals something from Hiro and quips, “Gotta run.”
  • Is Sylar in league with Angela Petrelli? In one short clip, he is seen approaching her from behind and placing his hands on her shoulders.
  • Linderman is back with a prophecy of doom. “The second coming is at hand,” he warns.
  • A big bald man, incarcerated in Level 5, shouts, “I’m not who you think I am! I’m Peter Petrelli!”

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