7/23 Kristin

  • In an interview, Kristin of E! Online had with Adrian Pasdar, James Kyson Lee and Cristine Rose, James mentions that events in Heroes will take place in at least 5 different locations.
  • Kristin of E! Online interviews Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia and gets several spoilers from them.
    • First from Milo, “I think everybody [this season] is confronting something worse than Sylar. It’s something that is going to strike a chord and be close to Peter, what this big obstacle in the road is…[because] it’s a threat to everybody; it’s a threat to everything. I’m not going to say it’s four horsemen or one horseman, but there’s gonna be a power that comes in that everybody has to kind of band together to make sure it doesn’t run wild.”
    • And from Hayden, “Something happens to [Claire] that’s actually quite frightening to her, and it plays a big part in who she becomes in the future and what happens to her. I wish I could babble about it now because I have a lot to say about it, but I can’t. But it’s something, yes, that manifests further about her ability that weighs heavily on her emotionally, and mentally, as a person. And I think it would [weigh on] anyone who would be going through a situation like that…I think Claire plays a very important role in what happens, and in that way she can be worse than all of them.” She also said of her character’s fate: “Future Claire’s very different, and it’s a very different world. It’s kind of, as you can imagine, a world gone a little bit awry. She’s a very different person.”
    • Milo also confirms it’s true that “he’s not quite himself”, and Kristin notes that a newly introduced character has something to do with that change.
    • Hayden also all-but-confirmed that West would not be back this season, and that she doesn’t get into any new romances…at least not until after the eighth episode.

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