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7/23 Kristin

Posted in characters, spoilers on July 23, 2008 by Citizen
  • In an interview, Kristin of E! Online had with Adrian Pasdar, James Kyson Lee and Cristine Rose, James mentions that events in Heroes will take place in at least 5 different locations.
  • Kristin of E! Online interviews Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia and gets several spoilers from them.
    • First from Milo, “I think everybody [this season] is confronting something worse than Sylar. It’s something that is going to strike a chord and be close to Peter, what this big obstacle in the road is…[because] it’s a threat to everybody; it’s a threat to everything. I’m not going to say it’s four horsemen or one horseman, but there’s gonna be a power that comes in that everybody has to kind of band together to make sure it doesn’t run wild.”
    • And from Hayden, “Something happens to [Claire] that’s actually quite frightening to her, and it plays a big part in who she becomes in the future and what happens to her. I wish I could babble about it now because I have a lot to say about it, but I can’t. But it’s something, yes, that manifests further about her ability that weighs heavily on her emotionally, and mentally, as a person. And I think it would [weigh on] anyone who would be going through a situation like that…I think Claire plays a very important role in what happens, and in that way she can be worse than all of them.” She also said of her character’s fate: “Future Claire’s very different, and it’s a very different world. It’s kind of, as you can imagine, a world gone a little bit awry. She’s a very different person.”
    • Milo also confirms it’s true that “he’s not quite himself”, and Kristin notes that a newly introduced character has something to do with that change.
    • Hayden also all-but-confirmed that West would not be back this season, and that she doesn’t get into any new romances…at least not until after the eighth episode.

Upcoming episode cast

Posted in cast, characters on July 19, 2008 by Citizen

Here are some new characters being cast for an upcoming episode.

22 – 30, male, caucasian. Gothic and long hair.

22-30, male, any ethnicity. LA gangster type. Non-speaking.

22-26, female, any ethnicity. Victimized. sptv050769 Non-Speaking.

Source: SpoilerTV

Set pictures

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These were taken at the old zoo at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Is it possible that they could be using the facilities to recreate Level 5 of The Company??

Well here are the pics as you can see both HRG and Sylar will be sharing some screen time together.

Thanks to Mina for the heads up and JustJared for the pics.

(Click to Enlarge)

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Highlights of a new promo

Posted in characters, spoilers, teasers on July 11, 2008 by Citizen

Digital Spy reveals some of the highlights from a promo released at BBC Two’s Autumn launch:

  • Nathan Petrelli is apparently dead. We see him rushed to a hospital, where resuscitation attempts fail. “There was nothing we could do,” a doctor tells the family.
  • Looks like Elle is going to be spending a bit of time sparring with Sylar this season.
  • Angela Petrelli introduces us to “Level 5”, a housing place for the most dangerous criminals in the world— rapists, arsonists, killers. Presumably this is where the band of Villains escape from.
  • Matt Parkman is alone in the middle of a desert screaming for help.
  • New Villain “The Speedster” steals something from Hiro and quips, “Gotta run.”
  • Is Sylar in league with Angela Petrelli? In one short clip, he is seen approaching her from behind and placing his hands on her shoulders.
  • Linderman is back with a prophecy of doom. “The second coming is at hand,” he warns.
  • A big bald man, incarcerated in Level 5, shouts, “I’m not who you think I am! I’m Peter Petrelli!”

New cast member

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An artistic African with special abilities is to join Heroes during the upcoming third season.

The Riches actor Ntare Mwine has been cast as the new character, who is said to be close to many of the established heroes and will develop his own abilities in a nine-episode arc.

Magazine scan (Spoilers regarding Claire)

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2 new teasers

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The Battle Begins