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More set pictures

Posted in cast, pictures on July 19, 2008 by Citizen

Here are several new set pics for Season 3 of Heroes of HRG, Claire and Sylar NOT just together, but seem like working together….!?

You can see Sylar in the back seat of the car with HRG and Claire and then of course the image of Claire and Sylar hugging and him proposing…!? Is this just a pic of them in between takes or is there some sort of alternate bizzaro world going on??

We know Future Claire is supposed to make an appearance, so who knows what is going on…!?

What do you all think, leave your comments below.


Thanks to Heroes France via IO9

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Set pictures

Posted in cast, characters, pictures on July 19, 2008 by Citizen

These were taken at the old zoo at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Is it possible that they could be using the facilities to recreate Level 5 of The Company??

Well here are the pics as you can see both HRG and Sylar will be sharing some screen time together.

Thanks to Mina for the heads up and JustJared for the pics.

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New teaser and logo

Posted in characters, pictures, spoilers, teasers on July 2, 2008 by Citizen

The new Heroes Season 3: Villains promo aired tonight during America’s Got Talent revealing the new official logo for Volume 3.

Below is the logo

Peter and Peter

Posted in characters, pictures, spoilers on June 23, 2008 by Citizen has more set pictures of future Peter, including a shot of what looks like present and future Peter confronting each other (Peter squared?).

Mysterious mural

Posted in pictures on June 23, 2008 by Citizen

Heroes Television has a photo of a mural that was painted for shooting of Season 3 in downtown Los Angeles. The mural is a representation of an exploding earth. The scene they are shooting will involve a car chase and “exterior semi-automatic gunfire.” They will also be shooting some exterior dialog scenes. No word on which cast members might be involved in the scenes, but it definitely sounds like some excitement is going down in the upcoming season.

Season 3 set photos

Posted in cast, pictures, spoilers on May 17, 2008 by Citizen

Finally we have set photos of Season Three. Here we can see Ali Larter, whom we also saw “die” in a burning building last season:

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